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Sculpting learning flow

Hi everyone,

I am very interested in continuing to learn about sculpting, but am not sure what the next course would be best for that.

I saw that there is a follow up tutorial for the shark scene (CG Cookie | Brilliant Blender, Unity, and Concept Art tutorials for animation artists and game developers. ) which I want to do, but for improving sculpting in particular what would be the best way to continue?

By looking at the course list and filtering by subject, I thought maybe this one Art of Sculpting - CG Cookie ?

or maybe Hard Surface Sculpting and Retopology - CG Cookie 

The "introduction to character modeling" and the "modeling creature for production" sound very interesting, but I feel that would maybe be too advanced as a next step.

By the way, I wish it was possible to filter the Tutorials also by subject! Because I also saw this tutorial exists Gestural Sculpting with Blender - CG Cookie , and I am sure there are others that would fit to make myself a flow to follow. 

I want to continue sculpting the 2 sharks I am missing from the art concept, and maybe pose them to make a little scene, but at this stage I don't even know if the posing part would be done best directly in sculpt mode or by rigging the model. If I should first learn retopology to learn to convert those sharks into something easier to work with. 

So basically I have a lot of concepts or words I've picked up from the basic courses and looking at the available courses, but I am unsure about the path that would benefit me the most. I am sure any of those courses will benefit me anyway, but if someone who's been there already has a suggestion so I can optimize my limited time, I would appreciate it :).

  • crew

    Hey fedepa21,

    You can search by subject, If you go to Training Library > Courses and then under where it says Blender Training Courses, in the Subject drop down select Sculpting, yo will get 11 courses to choose from. They are all very good courses, some are with older versions of Blender, but the principles are the same.

    When it comes to posing your sharks, if you know exactly how you want them posed and only want a single image and won't change your mind later down the line, then you can sculpt each one with the pose you want, but everyone changes there mind, or it doesn't look as you thought it would. Best thing to do is sculpt each shark in a natural pose, retopologize, rig and then pose.

    • Hi Adrian,

      With the filtering by subject I meant the ones in Training Library > Tutorials . For the Courses I used it to find those courses and in general to make myself a sort of spreadsheet with courses I am interested in :). But I think it would be cool if that filtering option was available for  tutorials too.

      About the posing, ok I'm glad my thoughts were going in a similar direction :).  But retopology and rigging I am still at 0 so I guess I'll  try doing in sculpt mode first and then hopefully come back to it when I have gathered the knowledge I need :D.