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// Beginner // what did i wrong // More than one Mesh moves with moving one

Hej everyone im new here and very motivated, im learning  since 2 days and i love to leran more, i think i will get a year after that first month, but enough bla bla.... here is my question:

im creating this lowpoly rocket in the Trainingflow and now im at the animationpart. I had to move my rocket for the first time and just noticed that if i move one mesh, that another one starts moving aswell and i dont know how to fix this :( i think i did something wrong, did i? i added a small video of the issue and i hope someone can help me to fix this :D 

thank you for your help everyone :D 

(https://gyazo.com/1eebe5eacb30643e12f81b17e85f4854) link to the video on gyazo