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Citizen Monthly??? Whatever that means

What does it mean that I am a citizen monthly & that my trial ends on Aug 9, 2021 at 8:00 am?
I paid for a month's use of the course that I am taking.
Why would my trial end so soon?
Very confusing.
And when I try to go to your help page on this, it says that the page is not there.
  • crew

    Hey bbbacle , You will have a 7 day trial at the start of your citizen monthly subscription.

    Welcome to CG Cookie.

  • That still does not explain what citizen monthly is.

  • crew

    What is the Citizen membership?

    CG Cookie's mission is to be more than a training site. The definition of a " citizen" varies, though we define it is an individual that is engaged and present in the community.  

    As a member or Citizen of CG Cookie, we hope you take advantage of the benefits of being a member of this unique community. It goes beyond consuming content and leaving. We see CG Cookie as a living breathing community you're actively involved and inhabit... in other words... a Citizen. 😎


    Full access to all training, live events, and downloads.

    • All Hobby Features
    • Download video lessons to learn on the go
    • Access to live events and classes
    • Project and Resource downloads
    • Exercises and Quizzes
    • Access to exclusive partner discounts
    • Submit work to live event critique sessions

    I hope this answers your question. 

    Pricing and Plan Guide information is available within the Help Centre