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musgrave values

hello Jonathan  at this course Creating Procedural Dirt pt. 1 - CG Cookie 2:15 you mentioned that the musgrave value ranges from -1 to 1 but after setting the ranges from 0 to 1 with the mapping node it seems it to remove some details after clamping . shoudnt there be no changes? because the value has been manually set from 0 to 1?

  • crew

    Interesting, I took another look at the Blender documentation and it doesn't say what it outputs but that a range of -1 to 1 will give you "most visible values". So you're right, there are more values outside of that range! It seems to partly depend on the dimension values, and you can see this if you run it through a displacement node and use true displacement. If the object's scale is applied and the midlevel is set to 0, the value will equal where it reaches on the grid.