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How do you draw vertices in a way that they are in a a straight line with each other?

When using Ctrl + Riight Click to draw vertices how do you keep them in a straight line from the previous vertex you created? I often trace the object from a side view but when I switch to frontal view I notice that my vertices are not in a straight line.

  • Hi ssuperenemy27,

    I know that pain. For me, it works best if you put in your first vertex with Ctrl + Right Click and afterwards expand on an axis by pressing e to expand, followed by the axis e.g. x and the move in the right position. If you want to move it in two axis, let's say x and you can press (e to expand first) shift + z to exclude the z-axis.
    Hope this helps.


  • ssuperenemy27 

    I have never had that problem...If you are in  Right/Left View, then seen from Front, the created Vertices are automatically in a straight line. Even when you are in a User Perspective side veiw, all those Vertices will be created in the view plane and therefor will be in a straight line when looked at in Front View...

    Or do I not understand what you mean?