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Modeling a Beer Mug Handle

Hello all 

I am seeking some insight into modeling a Beer Mug Handle. I am thinking of eventually doing a Modeling/Texture series of themed Beer Mugs, but for my first one, I have been having issues modeling the Handle. 

I have tried creating a mesh by tracing my reference, extruding a cube into the general shape,  and doing both of the previously mentioned and adjusting using sculpting. The results have been mixed, but I am stuck finding an accurate solution.

Below is the link to my reference image. Please let me know what you think as far as a good solution.


  • You could block out the handle using a (Bezier) curve:

    Later, you can convert this curve into a mesh object. Take care of setting a high enough resolution along the curve ("U" direction) as well as in the profile:

    For the profile, you can either select in the curve's "Bevel" panel the default round profile ("Round") or another curve ("Object") or you can draw a custom curve in the "Bevel" panel with the "Profile" option. For the last option I can recommend two excellent video from "Blender Daily" on "Custom Curve Bevels" here and here

    This is the widget window for drawing custom curve profiles:

    File is here