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3D Sculpting exersise -. Problems with getting the shark face right


I have been doing the Sculpting exercise using the pic used in the tutorial

I decided to do the shark below the artist's signature, the one with the open mouth.

One of the problems I having is regarding the face/snout of the shark. Specifically , the eyes and mouth area  doesn't look right when look at the front.

Any suggestions or tips to make it feel more to the spirit of the artists picture?

  • Hello vvoxteldrake,

    when looking at the face of your shark in front view it seems like the snout is to low. In the artwork the tip of it is as high as the eyebrows:
    Maybe make the lower jaw a little thinner, but I guess the rest of the front view is up to you since there is no front reference.Is that what you mean? Are there any special thoughts of yours about this?


    • Yeah. that visual line does help me show the clear error there. Thank you!

      Also What do you mean thinning the lower jaw? Can you elaborate?

      Yeah without a front reference, it's pretty hard. Getting the shape, position of the eyes right in 3D is hard.

      Thanks for the reply!

    • Hey,

      "thinner" was the wrong word for this, my bad. Let's try with "shorter". If you take a look at the reference image, the lower jaw should end in line with the start of the nostrils (red line).

      It's not a special front view thing, but sometimes stuff like this still helps.


  • Hi, i just finished yesterday this exercise. The open mouth definetly made this shark a lot harder.  
    I agree about the nose, it has an arc upwards from the top hat puts it at eyebrow level on the design. Also the lower jaw ends with more of an angle downward towards the body, and the teeth on the front of the upper jaw are huge on the design but small in your shark. maybe that would change the feeling of it in the front view. Also, looking from the side, I think the eyebrow on the design is bigger from behind the eyes, if that makes sense.

    I hope that helps

  • Yeah, that could  help!

    You mean the size of the eyebrow  should be bigger from behind the eyes?