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How can I keep my File size low?

Despite being low poly, and even in other projects, I always make my file size too big, and crashes blender, often making me lose progress or often making me unable to even do anything in the file? I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help!

  • crew

    Hey ssaki2006 ,

    We will do our best to help you out, can you answer a few questions to help figure out what's happening.

    How large is your file in mb's when Blender crashes?

    Which version of Blender are you using ? 

    Have you always experienced this even with older versions of Blender ?

    What is your computer setup ? (GPU, CPU, RAM, OS)

    Do you have other programs running while using Blender ? Even anti-virus software, if so make sure any scans or updates are scheduled when it is convenient for you and not inconveniently while you are Blendering.

    My first thought is a hardware issue, make sure all drivers are up to date.

    Can you share your file on Google Drive or Dropbox for example so I can see if I experience any issues, and look for any potential problems in the file.

    One last thing, do you you have any add-ons enabled or anything that's not default Blender setup, a theme for example ?

  • I don't know where other Blender users get the idea of using large sample sizes as 5,000 to render the final image. That'll take half a day to finish and get the final result. I'm positive it'll crash. 

    Here's my idea of 50 samples, dimensions of 4000 px (x) + 2520 px (y), and resolution 100% just at approximately 6 minutes. Very sharp and quick rendering with CPU. I did not use GPU at all. The image size is 5.99 megabytes when it's saved on my computer. 

    With denoise filter