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Shark Sculpt (Couldn't Submit To The Tutorial Itself)

Started the tutorial following verbatim, but at some point I made the body long & started morphing to a more Mako shark type body (cheated myself) rather than the shorter pirannah shapped, after learning to use the grab brush to change full body shapes. The tooth in the middle bothered me so I made it 2 x-symmetrical teeth instead. As I followed each step, I wasn't really paying attention to reference too much, just kind of more experimenting, trying to get those rough edges and single vertex sticking out from fins to go away. I was having trouble with the "draw sharp" brush and accidentally hollowed out the entire mouth with too low-topology to smooth right. When I got to the smile, I ran into the problem that I hadn't offset the underbite so I had to go back & offset the jaw/corner-cheek with the top of mouth to be able to do the exaggerated "grimmace" of the reference (which I did try to capture closely). Sculpting is one thing I always steered clear of but now it's not as alien. However, now that I have the model it's so hard to work with in texture painting & it would probably be a nightmare in rigging, guess I would need to decimate & bake maps for it? Definitely will be doing sculpting more now, really want to make characters from scratch instead of using MakeHuman or MBLabs.

Thank you!