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How to separate coins for use with rigid body physics?

My coins are made of two objects with two materials (gem embedded coins) I've combined them. Then I set up the arrays, and all that worked well, but when it came time to separate them with the P command, it slices them all apart. The gems fall off, etc.

What can I do to fix this?

  • Interesting problem...

    You will need to make the coin and gem into one Object. There are at least two ways to do this:

    Use CTRL+J to combine the gem with the coin. Then you SHIFT+D and move it followed by SHIFT+R several times to make more cons. You'd have a selection problem if you would have used an Array Modifier with this method....

    The other way is to take the coin and use a Boolean Modifier to connect the gem to the Coin. Then Apply the Modifier and then make the two materials and delete the original gem. Now use the Array Modifier method.

  • I'll have to try the boolean modifier next time! I think that's what I needed!Thanks!

    What I ended up doing is your first suggestion, where I just joined them and duplicated them by hand.

    Turned out well in the end!