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When should I go into the Modeling Weapons course?

Hey all, nice to be a part of this community

The main reason for me to get into Blender is to model weapons and eventually reloading animations and such, I'm well aware there's a long way to go still, but that's my focus on what I want to learn eventually

I saw this course: which looks incredible and was a big part of why I bought in CG Cookie. I'm just wondering at what point you guys think it would be appropiate for me to go in

The course itself recommends doing this before going into it, which in turn says "an intermediate understanding of how to model in Blender is expected before taking this course."

Now, I just finished the first Learning Flow, "Your first week with Blender and CG Cookie" (the Low Poly Rocket animation is rendering rn), I assume before anything else I should go into the "Tackle the fundamentals to become a skilled Blender artist". After finishing that one, would I be ready to go into the mentioned courses? Do I need something else before it? Maybe the animation module as well? Honestly i have no clue

Regardless of how long it takes I'm super excited to get to that point, hope you guys can lead me into the right direction, and thanks a lot in advance