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WIP stylized Forest

Added a small stream, butterflies and some placeholder rocks 

  • crew

    Nicely done hhelghast , I love the little waterfall. Its a bit dark in the foreground , but overall a nice scene. Well done.

    • Thanks alot! Most of the colors need a bit of tweaking that's why I added the WIP but haven't yet come around to try something because I wanted to include every custom aspect first. Maybe I'll post the recolored version once it's done.

    • crew

      Lovely result hhelghast! Love the stream. Reminds me of that ghibli youtube tutorial which fits well in this style 👏

      I agree with Adrian that the grass, trees, mountains, sky are a bit on the dark side. On one hand there's no question about where the focus of the image is (hero tree / stream). But it also feels a bit unbalanced too. Like the hero tree and stream are glowing, which isn't the goal of the course's style.

      Of course there's artistic liberty to consider. Really I'm just suggesting to keep these points in mind for your next project. Keep up the great work!

    • Yeah, the stream was made using that exact tutorial. It was quite hard to find information on flowing stylized water shaders and with no prior knowledge, it seemed to be the best option. I also agree with both of your points which is why I plan to tweak lighting, fog and colors. Thanks again for all the feedback it's been really helpful! 

    • hhelghast Really beautiful scene 😀! I very much like the stream and the butterflies you added to it. I would just brighten the vignette in the outer area so that the brightness and color contrast escpecially to the left and the bottom of the waterfall isn't that extreme. But that's an easy adjustment. Keep up the good work 👍!