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Blender - Shader editor

I bought some models in Unity and wanted to use them in Unreal Engine. So I asked the seller if they had a discounted price for UE4 if I wanted to use the models I bought in Unreal and they said I could go ahead and export it from Unity and use something like Blender to get it into UE4. I am having some issues hooking up the material/shaders(?), how do I know what to hook up where? I made some progress with one model but I lost with some of the others. .. Did I hook this up right? Is there a tutorial for this?

  • crew

    Hey aleem_m ,

    The smoothness should be plugged into the roughness slot not metallic.

    The color space on the image nodes should be set to non-color for all except the color image.

    The Occlusion map you have will be mixed with the color.

    I'm not an expert but .jpg images are not ideal.

    There is probably a load more things to fix.

    Try watching this course Fundamentals of texturing in Blender for more guidance.

    • Thanks for the advice, this helps. I tried putting the smoothness into the roughness and not the metallic slot but the model gets a glossy look.

      Yeah, I'd try to avoid using the jpeg but that's what was supplied. I'm not sure if the other textures can be substituted in some way for it.

      I don't know how to use the occlusion, I need more help  or to do more research on that.

      I will check out that course for sure.

  • aleem_m 

    If you enable Blenders Node Wrangler addon, then you can, with the Principled Shader selected, press SHIFT+CTRL+T.

    This will open a file browser window:

    Here you can select the images you want to use and press Enter.

    This immediately sets it up correctly:

    Although there might be images missing, that you will have to add by hand, the ones that are there are connected the right way. saves a lot of work ;)

    • This is a really big help, thank you. I have several models to set up and this really saves time. I had no idea that nodes could be connected like this.