Are older courses and videos still available?

I wonder if, from time to time, CGCookie removes older courses and videos, and if so, are they still available for members to watch if they'd like to? I would imagine the search feature will yield results. But I wondered if this is a common "housekeeping" practice and if irrespective of Blender version, assuming the core content is still good, if the videos are still available.


  • crew

    Sure thing, we do archive some content here and there and have kicked over older courses over to our YouTube page under CG Cookie "Classics". Is there something, in particular, you're looking to see if we still offer? 

  • Oh that's right! You just reminded me about CGCookie's YouTube Channel. I totally forgot about that. No, there's no particular video that I had in mind. I just know, like you mentioned in your introduction video, there are so many good videos out there, I'd hate to miss out on one because it features an older version of Blender. That's all.

    Thank you, Wes (wesburke)!