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Is Extra Lights v1.1 download avalable on CGC

As far as I can tell there has been a 1.1 release of Extra Lights. I tried downloading from the dowload link here, but it says 1.0. Will I potentialy run into any problems running 1.0 on 2.92 ?

I love the Photography add-on and thought this would be the perfect counterpart to try and finally wrap my head around more acurat lighting values and getting a bit more realistic lighting workflow :)

  • crew

    I must have forgotten to update it here - thank you for letting me know! There isn't a big difference in the versions and the features are the same but it does have a couple fixes. I've updated the resource page. 

  • Nice, thanks for the update and info, downloading now. Saw you just released Scattershot too. I have been looking for a new "anti tiling" tool aswell, so that is next on my list :) Thanks Johnathan.