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Is this not a complete end-to-end?


I just signed up for the free CGC trial. 

First lesson on this seems like the playground is already setup? I thought you would be teaching everything so the final output would as your end game? What have i missed?

  • crew

    Hi there, you haven't missed anything - we did start the tutorial with the scene set up. If you would like to make your own scene and have any trouble making the pieces, just let me know and I can help you out with the Blender side of things. The tank is by far the most complex part, so if you can make that then the rest should be a breeze. 

  • Hello Jonathan

    Thank you for your reply man.

    I will give it a go my self then,. You have provided tons of good tips and workflows in this what seemed as a very simple tank, which it is- But you just flavored it so much, that it did not seem just model a low poly tank, it actually was a good course with a satisfied output.

    BTW why the long response time?

    Br Hamid