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Collab2021 - WIP - az93

My contribution to Collab2021.

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Walls


    I wasn't sure about the wall thickness, but since it's a lockout I thought that can be determined later.

    • You'll probably want to work with us foundation Craysons and the beam members to define the wall thickness.

      Based on production standards for house designs it is recommend 5.5" thickness for exterior walls (I made my foundation 6" to support a little wiggle room and it is enough for the footing and columns to support as well.

      Nice job of the wall block-out aaz93

    • crew

      Excellent work for week 1 aaz93. You get full points from me 👍

      I agree with blanchsb about working with the wood beam contributors. In fact I don't know why I separated these in the first place...As of today I combined the "walls" and "wall beams" task into one task: Just Walls. I hope that's OK with you, essentially  adding the beams to your plate. If you're not OK with this, feel free to comment on another asset and I'll assign you there.

      If you are OK with the update, I've added your placeholder file that you're welcome to start working from: SPICE-VENDORS-HOUSE/SCENES/MODELS/WIP/HOUSE/EXTERIOR/WIP_house_walls_az93_00.blend

  • Hey aaz93 how comes the wall construction. Looks like the interior is being held off so I am not concerned about wall thickness anymore. Do you have anything to post from the week 2 work?

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Walls

    This is what I have so far.

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Walls

    I got most of the beams sculpted, but I haven't started texturing yet.

    Here is a shot of the beam detail I have sculpted so far.

    • crew

      Beautiful sculpted accents aaz93! Definitely reading like wood to me.

      One thing to look out for is to avoid push the accents too far from geometrically from the lo poly. It could cause some normal baking artifacts. Then again that's what the extrusion threshold is for - still just something to keep in mind.

      I can't wait to see these all baked and textured!

    • Keep going aaz93 it is looking great!

    • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Walls

      I had a hard time with the normal baking and took me a lot longer than I expected. I still haven't done the cavity map or texturing painting the beams yet. This is what I accomplished this week.

    • crew

      Excellent progress aaz93! I don't see an updated WIP version on Google Drive. If you could upload one then I can integrate it into the assembly.

      You're welcome to finish your beams after the Collab officially ends. If you do so, please post about finishing in this thread and @ me. Make sure I reply with confirmation to know it has been received and will be added to the assembly. Just don't @ me this week because I'm going to mark all my notifications as read on Friday and won't see it lol.

    • aaz93 - Matt, your beams look great!  I am posting your first Week 4 image above as a beauty shot in the TSMF blog.  If you'd prefer a different image, please post it here in your WIP and put me in your comments.  

      Congratulations on completing the project!