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COLLAB2021 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - House Accessories Team


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Google Spreadsheet for Assignments (up to about 3 contributors for each asset)

Basic Instructions for getting started

The Collab 2021 Google Drive Folder with all Images, Scenes and Textures for this Project

File Sharing and Library Linking explained by Kent Trammell theluthier on the basis of the 2020 „Backhoe“ Collaboration

If you wish to automatically synchronize your Google Drive Account with your Computer’s Hard Drive, you can download the Google Drive App here

Instructional video by blanchsb on how this Synchronization works referencing the 2020 „Backhoe“ Collaboration

New 2021 Discord server!! Come say "hi" and hang out with your teammates!

  • I'm excited to be this groups leader, I think we have some really fun assets to work on. From the way people are signing up it looks like many feel the same way. The water wheel is looking pretty full already but we have plenty of room on the other assets.  

    We need a cool name to compete with the other groups. What do you guys have in mind? 

    If anyone has any questions or you're running into issues feel free to @ me. 

    Ahh, I'm so pumped to get going on this! Lets have a good Collab everyone, happy Blending!

  • I have uploaded some reference images of water wheel on google drive. Although... google search is your friend :P

    • I also googled for reference, I use PureRef. Great app for drag and drop from the browser.

    • Thanks for the references ladymito !

      lucky pureRef is my _best_ friend, especially when images start piling up...

      btw, has anyone considered that there is only one stone bearing, second being the wall of the house itself (shaft going directly yhrough it)? 

      maybe it's just laziness speaking, taking over prior to even starting the modelling... but, from the information that I can extract from the image, it could be possible...
      : D

    • Could be, at first I made one support. But the master file has two. Looking at reference most of the wheels have one support outside and the other one inside. 

    • Everything I've seen is one support and the other side running straight into the building,  often with masonry accents on its point of entry through the wall. 

    • Awesome, thanks for posting the link. I'll see if I can post it at the top as well. I'll try to keep all important announcements here but discord could be a good way to get real time communication or share screens. 

  • drinking a coffee and thinking about the name ----
    house accessories are all essential components /in the concept art on artstation parts of the production/
    on the sign is a paprika or pepper?
    what about : hot peppers / hot chili peppers....

  • Blocking

  • First day Wip postet. Rough first try. Some correction are still needed and I am not sure about the proportions of the lanterns.


  • I applied for the crate.

  • Hey aLL!
    : )

    Just checking in...
    figuring out the system is as far as my aspirations go for this sitting.

    I'll be doing the water wheel. That makes us (friendly) competitors ladymito I suppose!
    ; )

    Looking forward to collaborating on this, and everything that goes with it.


  • My first 2 WIP's of the water wheel. Still not  sure if I should go for the left or right one. In Vadim's art it's not so clear. Maybe based on the art style I should go with the right one. 

    • great stuff!

      so, there's three of us doing the wheel(?)

      : )

      the more the merrier!

      I haven't started modelling yet but it struck me as I was looking at the source, how would I go about the beams; more specifically if we "should" make them "structurally sound" first and foremost, or go for the "artistic irregularity"...

    • I think we are with 5 people doing the water wheel, at least that's what the spreadsheet tells us. :)

      I was also thinking about connecting the wooden beams, maybe using steel connection plates. In the art it looks all wood, but it can be nice to use different materials.

    • I'm also planning on water wheeling, but haven't started yet because I've been reading about water wheels for a good day now and contemplating the concept art. 

      The thing Ive been grappling with is the water that you can see on the forward paddles. The color around the paddle makes it appear as though theyre bucket style paddles, which is a thing,  however,  that style of paddle generally results in all of the paddles being part of the same ring. The space between the paddles  forces me into believing that the blue / white highlights on the paddles are just indicative of specularity from them being wet, not that they're bucket paddles retaining water. 

      I also ended up reading a good 6 articles about the history and development of water wheel technology over the last day.  Way more analysis than I intended to give this, but I'm an archaeologist and I've honestly never thought about the history of water wheels... and theyre kind of amazing. 

      The closest real life example i could find resembling the concept art is the water wheel in Bayeux Normandy.

      Theres another in this style that is a bit different in Vojkovice C.R. 

      I could talk waaaaay more about water wheels at this point, but I'll spare you all and start my blocking.  :D

    • Wow, the real ones really are a pretty work of engineering. Great reference. 

    • lexicolopolis, I know what you mean. Before opening Blender I also did some research. Because the paddles look very thick in the art and it's an open structure, like in your reference, I imagined the paddles to be real buckets holding water. But that only makes sense when the water is comming from above like in the picture below. So I do think it's more like your reference but with thick solid paddles..... Maybe I'm overthinking this ;). 

    • I was also doing some research a couple of weeks earlier on that very topic. The only conclusion I came to is that we shouldn't make it so realistic. After all, we are making a stylized work and low poly. It clips our wings and spreads them at the same time.

    • ladymito, I agree. Keep it simple but believable. 

    • lucky I'm definitely way down the water wheel rabbit hole. To a certain extent physics can be tossed out the window, but I really need to rationalize some of it cause it plays into the aesthetic.  Here's where I'm at:

      If you look at the paddles themselves they are not angled uniformly which implies that they are on a bearing. There is one paddle in the back that is at an angle where you would be able to see the bearing, and it does in fact have a black dot there, which I seriously believe is an intentional bearing. 

      This makes buckets make more sense, or at the very least something that utilizes a bearing to allow some wiggle room to drop off water so less energy is lost pulling it back up. Also, when this is animated, a slight tipping of the paddles with water drop-off would definitely look more appealing.

      With that said, I've been playing with different paddles all night trying to find something that feels right. The closest thing I've found that seems kind of correct is to have a brace with a bearing that restricts the paddle from going back when it is taking on force, but allows it limited motion to then dip down to tip the water out. 

      I think any general scoop shape will probably look like crap even once its busted out and detailed, because it would rely on the water to give it form. But it does bring me back full circle to.... are they really just buckets? I need to sleep on it. Hahahah 

    • lexicolopolis  Are we clear on the flow of the water? Looking at the art and the water pouring from the paddles I would think it flows van left to right. If so the buckets should be pointing the other way?

    • lucky Yeah -- you are correct -- but then flipping the "scoop shape" wouldn't create the desired shape on the pour out.  Another reason to probably not use the shape type. I had been staring at things way too long when I made those ones and flipped them to get the correct profile for pouring, without contemplating its implications on the underwater part.

      Using a brace / bracket that just locks the paddle direction still makes sense though -- as depicted in the other paddle type. I think the key thing involving the freedom of motion off of the bearing is that its set more inward and not central to the paddle. That would force it to be more top heavy,  tilting it downward until it approaches the upward angles. I think anyway. 

      I think my plan is to do a quick dirty animation of static paddles vs ones on an axel / bearing and then pull the trigger on what direction I'm going.  But at this point,  "simple but believable"is what i should be doing.  XD

    • wow, everyone did such thorough research!

      I'll try and contribute something (here) to that, although, can't really imagine what _could_ be added at this point...
      : )
      My "research" (a part of an hour of looking at what 'water wheel' returns across a few image stocks) was more focused on how things look (with how they work being secondary, task at hand considered; so far the single eureka moment on the engineering side being the single support) and how the, what I've thought of as and named "irregularities" may actually have been intentional (lexicolopolis I am too now convinced, after parsing through your shared findings, that the angles "offset" is indeed because of the bucket type... if or how would I incorporate that into the my model- not sure as of yet; lucky I too believe the flow of the water to be left -> right; ladymito I concur that keeping it simple, especially in the scope of creating a part in a greater whole, may as well be the north star, overriding the urge to represent mechanisms and such accurately. I am just a little surprised already (not having actually made a single vertex yet : ) how deep the water wheel rabbit hole can get opposed to the elegant and deceptively effortless looking representation as painted)

    • I think, the creek is flowing from the background (mountains) to the front. The water is dropping from the paddles because the spinning wheel drags some water with it. There seems to be a water film on the solid paddles:

  • verbalising the first "question" that came to mind after finding my way around gdrive directories and taking another look at the image to be remade in 3D, not insisting on the definitive answer here and now...

    when it comes to... irregularities in the drawing (e.g. perspective distortion), regarding "the prime directive" of realisation over interpretation, should we "fix" them or try to incorporate them as close to the source material as possible?


  • Hi everyone! I'm  on the sign post along wiht undiscovered  - I am qite a novice so I'm happy Kent explained exactly that at the end of yesterday's streaming :) I look forward to this journey and to get to know you and collaborate with you! thanks for having me on board! :o)

  • Done the blockout for the sign post... any suggestions/comments welcome!

  • I just realized all the vases are pretty much the same but with different lids haha xp

  • These blockouts are looking awesome! Way to go team! I think the the water wheel had more sign ups than expected but we are going to....go with the flow. It's great to see you guys are already comparing notes and figuring things out.

    If you haven't seen, Kent updated the HQ thread with an announcement today. Take some time to go over what it says.  I would link to it directly but that seems to be bugged still for the moment.

    I'll be updating the links above to include the newcollab2021 discord server! Its a great way to get real time responses to questions and get to know your fellow team mates. Feel free to @ me here or on the discord server with any questions you might have. 

    I hope day one of work has been going well, keep up the awesome work, happy Blending!

  • First water wheel variant completed. What do you think? About 4600 verts

  • Hey! My first try to make a lantern! Hard to see any details on the reference image, so feel free to drop any comment how can I improve this model! Thank you a lot!

  • Hello  Red Hot Chili Peppers ;) 

    I´ve just posted my Day2-Wip with  a comparison of  some versions. I am still not sure. As mishag mentioned the details on the artwork are not really clear, as well as the water wheel.  So I think at the  end I will go with something with decent polycount and fits the style of  the artwork. Must  be appealing as Kent mentioned often.


  • btw, if there is (and, it's possible that I'm overlooking something obvious:) a way to get the painting in a higher resolution (what I have is 715px tall, from the gdrive) please point me to it...
    : )

  • hey peppers! Flea here, kicking and screaming from the rooftops:

    look and critique!

  • Hello RHCP´s ;)

    week 1-Done    week 1 lantern