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Collab2021 - WIP - Undiscovered

This is an on-going thread documenting my progress through the 2021 Collab Project.

Let's go team!

  • Hey all, I am modeling the door. Here is my first blockout. Any feedback is welcome. 

  • Solid first attempt.
    I think you could move the door knob a little bit more to the inside though.
    Looking forward to see the final version.

  • nice blockout :) once those wooden planks get on the door it would finish the look ;)

  • Thank you all for the feedback. I made some changes. 

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Assets House Exterior F: Door

    Hey Kent theluthier Here's my blockout of the Door.

  • really great work , i think you might need to adjust the lenght of the iron bars (to fit to the side) 

    but aside from that you got a great blockout . i do wonder the wooden frame around the door , does it belong with the person who model the door or will it be for the person who model the wood details around the house ?

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Assets Accessories A: Sign

    Hey Kent theluthier Here is my blockout of the sign with an easter egg on the back. (My homework submission for the door is above.)

  • Homework Submission - Week 2- Assets House Exterior F: Door

    Hey Kent theluthier , here's my detailed sculpt of the Door. I also added it to the Google Drive folder.

    I appreciate any feedback.

    BTW,  I will focus on just the door from here on out and not the sign. 

    • crew

      Good work on the door! Interesting interpretation of the metal..I see where you got this considering the clear marks in the art. Though it makes the door look like a bear tried violently getting in the house 😅  I say keep it - definitely adds narrative.

      On both the metal and wood it feels a little underdeveloped in terms of detail. I'd like to see more grain accents of various degrees: More plentiful subtle grain marks to accompany the deep grain cracks:

      Note the Cyan lines are the deep crevices that you have, but the yellow are the more subtle grain marks that are missing in your sculpt. Also the grain is poking outward instead of inward (?)

      For the metal I'd like to see a subtle hammered-iron pass on the forward-facing broad surface. That should finish it off nicely.

      PS: I understand about nixing the sign and focusing on the door 👍 I love the CGC logo on the reverse side btw :)

  • undiscovered I think the metal and bottom board are looking awesome along with the handle. Maybe add just a little hammered effect to the metal during the texture phase?

    The vertical planks could use a little more grain flow and not so straight and the grain lines seem a little wide in some places, but maybe Kent will dig it and I am off base. I like that they are not all the same width. That is very pleasing to my eyes.

    Looking good so far though! And I am loving the sign.

  • theluthier Hey Kent, I am still working on my next draft of the door. I had a few setbacks and I was able to resolve most of them. I plan to submit the revised file soon

  • Homework Submission - Week 3- Assets House Exterior F: Door

    Hey  theluthier blanchsb 

    I had a few issues I was able to resolve such as normals being reversed that led to all the sculpt brushes being reversed. 

    I had to sculpt  the whole door over again. 

    Considering there will be around 3 doors in the scene. I was able to get the low poly complete door to 377 faces.

    I baked out the Normals, AO, Cavity and Metallic maps and uploaded the textures and updated scene to the Google drive.

    I will be Texturing painting tonight and I plan to submit the Final version for Week 4 homework soon.

    I appreciate any feedback.

    Here is my latest WIP of the door. I have not textured painted it yet. I will submit the textured painted version soon. 

  • undiscovered, it looks like you are finishing up with your project.  And, your door looks great.  I'd love to post your artwork in the TSMF Blog.  Please let me know if you create a money shot.  

    • splat21  Thank you for wanting to post my artwork!

      I had a lot of fun on this project and I am almost done. 

      I will let you know as soon as Kent confirms my final submission. 

      Thank you again! :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 4- Assets House Exterior F: Door

    Hey  theluthier blanchsb 

    Here is my first draft of the texture painting of the door. 

    I am going to sleep on it and make some adjustments tomorrow. 

    Let me know what you think.

    • crew

      Way to finish strong undiscovered! Your door turned out beautifully. The only adjustments I made were to the reflections, mostly increasing the metallic aesthetic of of the brackets + handle. I also thinned the brackets a bit so they weren't so chunky. It looks great in the assembly!

      Thanks for joining Collab2021! It's been a pleasure working with you 🤝

  • Thank you, Kent, theluthier for being a wonderful leader on this project. I would also like to thank blanchsb  for his great leadership and support of the House Exterior team. 

    I had a lot of fun and learned so much on this project. 

    Here is a link to my turnaround animation. 

    Undiscovered Door Turn Around Animation

    Hey splat21 , below is my presentation shot of the door. Thank you for running the blog. I enjoyed seeing the process of fellow artists and your fun Dune memes. 

    Also, here is a screenshot of the Shader Nodes I used. 

    • Now that’s a quality door Undiscovered!

      It looks sturdy and I love the shinys.

    • undiscovered, I very much like your beauty shot!  From the background, lighting and metal reflections - this stands out.  I am very sorry, but I can't use this as the image is not in the right aspect ratio to fit the frame that I am using in the blog.  I need at least 1650x950 resolution (letterbox).  Also, I'd recommend that you make the door a little smaller so it is not too close to the top and bottom - that will give me a little more flexibility in positioning it in the frame.  Could you please provide another render?  

    • splat21 Here is my presentation shot of the door in 1650 x 950. Thank you so much again! 

    • undiscovered, sorry to make you jump through that last hoop.  But, it now fits perfectly and showcases your door beautifully.  I really do like your render.  Thanks for updating it.  I have just posted it on the blog.