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COLLAB2021 - WIP- beefkeef


  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Porch Stairs

    Hi Kent theluthier  Here's my Blockout of the steps I've been chiselling away at - and just a quick sculpt on one step - this was more to get a feel of where I might go in week 2

  • Kent, please feel free to not to give me any feedback - that's cool with me - i'll keep chipping away at these!

    • crew

      You're a real gentleman. I've come this far with week 1 grades - I have to finish to make the effort complete!

      Of course your'e doing well; I know your skills and know you're going to crush this asset. Full points for week 1 plus some extra for venturing into sculpting already. Can't wait to see the sculpt finished 👍

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Porch Stairs

    Here's my homework submission for week 2 and the high poly sculpting part of the asset. I've tried my best to keep to the style-sheet reference and sculpted 2 pieces of the stairs. I've sculpted each all around the step and side wall, and plan to use these pieces rotated around for variation to assemble the final piece.

  • I've worked on these a little today - I baked the normal map and a cavity map from the high-poly and applied those to the low-poly.

    I also duplicated and rotated the side wall, and the same for the step - I'm thinking there is enough variation that they don't look duplicated unless you are really looking for it!

    • crew

      beefkeef ... Wow. WOW! Exquisite rocky details. And you read my mind about smart duplicating. I just told tat about using one step and one side to construct the whole set of stairs. You've already done it perfectly 👏

      Keep doing your thing and don't let me get in the way!

    • Thanks Kent, very much appreciated! 

      I was toying with the idea of sculpting 2 steps for a bit more variation - but honestly, I think we will get away with just one!

  • such great work Keith.

  • Alright, I got myself into the weeds a little bit this week as I deleted my high-poly objects thinking that I was done with them - when actually I still needed them! 

    Not entirely sure what I was thinking tbh but never mind, re-sculpting them was fun & good practice and a lesson was learned! 

    I took them here - but realised I got carried away with the details and that they looked more realistic than I wanted so decided to have another go

    So this is where I took them second time around. I also used Level 1 of the Multi-res modifier to give me a Low-poly base to bake to. I also removed a few faces here and there to try and optimise a bit further.

    And this is where I am now, I've been playing around with painting some textures and trying to match the colours from the artwork

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Porch Stairs

    Here's my submission for week 3  -I've added just a touch of dirt to the colour, and took a shot from a different angle.

    I found painting textures in Blender to be quite "interesting" 😅

    I think I can improve the material with more attention to the roughness, so I'll take a look at that next. 

    And here is how my unwrap and bakes are looking

  • Here's a couple of progress shots from the background mountains I've been working on. 

    • A bit more sculpting today, I tried to add the mountain on the right side of the artwork. Maybe this could actually be two mountains, but one a little farther away to give some more depth.

  • Here's a bit of progress this morning.  I wanted to try and add some more details to the mountains and try and see how it will look with some different lighting. 

  • I've sculpted a little bit more on the mountain on the right this morning, I also added adrian2301 's spice world.

    I think next I will start to look at retopo and bake - not sure how that's gonna go!

    I'm at 64million verts with these mountains 😮 but somehow my PC seems to handle it quite well, although the file is getting quite big at around 1GB currently. 

  • I was looking back at these mountains with fresh eyes 👀 and I don't quite like where I've taken them. I think it's because they are starting to look too real and don't fit that well with the artwork. 

    So with that in my mind, I sculpted a bit more on the dyntopo mesh and tried to keep a more stylized feel this time.