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Collab2021 - WIP - Yukinoh

My WIP thread for my progress during this collabration.

  • colloring is just temporary but its better to get an idea of it :)
    does anyone know btw where i can see my verticy count ?

  • finded out where i can find my verticie count edited the flower to make it even more low poly

    ended with 233 verticies for one complete flower. would that be ok or too much ? 

    both together they are 466

  • second type of flower , its kinda having a lot verticies even trough i tryed to go as low poly as i could , i guess the duplicated flowers did got the numbers go much higher 

    its not a flower we get to see in the scene but who knows maybe i still can be used , if not it was fun to create it :)

  • Homework Submission - Week 1- Flowers 

    theluthier hope they are somehow good. (Edit: added a mushroom )

    i still wanted to make even more flowers, but then again i still need to texture them so i better dont take too much :)

    • crew

      What a flower library yyukinoh1989!! You really took this asset by the horns and developed a great collection. You get full points + some extra for the effort 👏

      Everything looks great but I'm wondering about the flowers circled in yellow:

      I LOVE the water lily aesthetic but I'm afraid the stream need to be moving too quickly to support such plant life. Maybe I'm wrong and should do some research, but I associate water lilies with more stagnant bodies of water like ponds. Hopefully I'm wrong! But if the stream needs to be moving swiftly enough to move the water wheel we may need to omit the lilies.

      What do you think about this logic spikeyxxx?

      Lastly the left-most plant with small white flowers - While it is truly lovely! I'm afraid it's a lot of detail at a small scale. I expect it may prove too heavy an asset for a barely-noticed effect. Even if we omit the water lily and small-white-flowered plant, we'll be in great shape for populating the scene well!

      For week 2, sculpting is probably overkill. Instead how do you feel about looking into optimization techniques for flowers? See this artstation gallery about how simple geometry with alpha-mapped textures are good for optimal flower effects:

    • theluthier as yyukinoh1989  already mentioned, she is well aware of the fact that not all of her flowers will/could be used here. As I understand it, it is partly an exercise in making plants, which is hard enough in itself, but making them  low poly as well...

      But I aggree, that apart from the waterlily and lily of the valley, these are great for our scene.

    • theluthier and spikeyxxx

      Both thanks for the feedback, indeed they both are pretty  flowers, especially the waterlily, but it should fit in the scene and as you say with the strong current flow that might be not possible. Dont know much about flowers, but if those 2 go out it might mean i get back space for other flowers :). Of course depending how much time i get free. I will check out the reference to get some extra ideas and perhaps some nice tricks :). 

      Again both thanks for the time and feedback :D

    • crew

      I'm starting a KEEP THE LILIES petition, who's with me??

      After our discussion on water flow in the team leads meeting theluthier , did we abandon the waterfall for a more tranquil, peaceful body of water at the front of the house?

      My thought was, if I can explain it laterally from house forward, So it goes House/ waterwheel into a small pond and then under a bridge and then a small stream meandering  into a forest or wood.

      Like the artwork suggest it opens out a little just before the bridge, and that's where the waterlilies grow. With the natural rock dam I suggested at the rear of the house to generate the power to turn the waterwheel then the water would naturally slow again.


    • well that seems like a wonderfull idea to indeed save the waterlily:D its a really nice flower so if i can optimize it a waterlily 2 or 3 should not harm the file :D

    • Just make a pond somewhere, we want all the pretty flowers 

  • spikeyxxx theluthier 

    it looks better from the top view xD

    this flower exist out of 2 layers and has 48 verticies 

    would this kind of style be ok? (the pink space in between will be covered by one of the center of the flowers . )

    • I think it looks amazing. Especially the color scheme is spot on!

      My only suggestion would be the one given by Kent during the live-stream:

      Try to get rid of the perfection of your model, because nothing in reality is this perfect. Try to adjust the orientation of individual leaves, try to change scale and rotation and maybe do a final pass for the image texture before applying it to the low-poly version of your mesh.

      Have to figure it out myself though ... Maybe I should apply my own advice first and start lecturing others later. :D

    • bun-bun   thanks you so much for the kind feedback. What do you mean with final pass? Indeed i still need to make the imperfection and the middel of the flower :). And dont worry about lecture, it will only improve that way. I am happy to receive feedback
      happy to hear too you love my collor picking :D been a while since i used my drawing tablet so this week will be fun.

  • added the inner of the flower and also made it imperfect. kinda think its a bit too much , perhaps i should reduce the imperfection a bit?

    what do you guys think ? 

    should i also create the inner (yellow part) part of the flower like this or should it be seperated ? right now this flower still is 48 verticies

    • The level of imperfection looks good to me (certainly no too much!).

      As long as you keep your Vertex count low, you can use any method.

      Considering the artwork, you might even get away with something like this:

      unconnected leaves ;)

      Although I'm not sure if theluthier would accept something like that...

    • just managed to redure it to 24 verticies

      left one has 48 and the right one 24 i think there are no strange places and it still looks good.


      the curving is slightly lesser but still not too bad i think, let me know what you guys think .
      if its good with 16 verticies (actually 8 if i where to only have one layer of leaves) then ill go draw several flowers this evening and post the new ones over here

    • 24 Vertices is excellent!

      And the difference isn't too big, so well done, Yuki!

      I wouldn't make it one layer to get it down to 12, that would be sacrificing the quality too much.

    • spikeyxxx thanks a lot apparently i counted not right , 24is the edge count , i ended up with 16 vertices so i guess that is great. 

      i do have one question , right now the bottom will be also having the yellow dot . should i try to fix that or wont that be noticed? 

      then for the lower part of the flower should i also use the same technic or should i here work with a 5 sided mesh?

      or is that depending on the type of flower ? 

      like with this i could use the same technick but if the flower points downward i should work with someting to create some volume ?

    • bottom will be also having the yellow dot

      that's not a problem if it won't be seen, which I think is the case.

      You can use different tecniques, depending on the flower, se what works best; the hanging flowers will probably need a slightly different approach.

    • Looks really good! I would add a little more height to the flower to make it less flat. Like your first model, the flower leaves tend to stand up. 

    • spikeyxxx and daphne2 thanks for the feedback. gonna work on diffrent kinds of flowers, diffrent depts and perhaps some clumped flowers together to see how the vertices count will be with duplicates . (i wanted to take a look at the geometry node's but i notice when i open my file i dont see that option. ) when i open a new file its in there . how can i fix this ? 

    • when i open my file i dont see that option. ) when i open a new file its in there

      That is really weird....don't know what could be causing that 🤔

      You need to have some object selected, in order to be able to add a new GN tree, but the Geometry Node Editor should always be available....

    • I still have to try my hand at the geometry nodes (will do this week) so I don't know either. But maybe a workaround: make a new file and append your geometry from your current file?

    • daphne2 thanks i started a new file and appended my flower. the top layer of 1flower has been modified with a geometry node. i do wonder will this have any impact on the final animation rendering for theluthier or are geometry nodes made that way so it wont slow anything down ? 

      because this way i think i could get some really cool flowers without needing too manny vertices . right now this whole pack has 128 vertices, perhaps i could even reduce that amount. but for that i should test some extra stuff of course (to hopefully stay under the 100 vertices)

    • some update, if certain flowers aint good or looking weird bad  ... let me know so i could change them :)

      if the water lily get a go ill add that to the collection too :)

    • Beautiful, Yuki!

    • Thank you, ill make some more  this weekend :) 

    • crew

      Lovely flowers yyukinoh1989! I'm very happy with the lo-poly quality too. Planes + textures is 100% fine for this project 👍

    • Thank you so much Kent :D
      spikey, for the flowers should we also already use a copy of the file with the blockout and place flowers there to see some result ?

    • I actually don't know which file that is. There should be some file with placeholders, but I haven't found it yet ;)

      But as far as I understood, we don't put it in the Assembly file ourselves.

      And I don't know if we should make the Master file, or if Kent will do that. I know he has mentioned that in the stream, but I will have to re-watch that.

      Have only today managed to get the syncing going...

      I am hoping that Kent's written instructions will bring more clarity.

    • ok :) for now ill just make flowers try some placements to see an overall effect in larger area. for not i dont know yet how the syncing works (yesterday i putted in my blend file and also the textures of the flowers) so i hope that i did that part correctly. 

    • Your. blend and Textures are all there in the right place .

  • crew

    These flowers are looking great yyukinoh1989 ! I believe I found the right file in the drive to look at (WIP_nature_FG-flowers_yukinoh1989_01), but I did not see the textures in the textures folder, so I couldn't check them out in Blender. At the moment my only suggestion would be to mix in 0.3-0.45 of a translucent shader of the same color as the diffuse so that some light is able to get through the petals to the other side. 

    Keep up the good work!

  • jlampel spikeyxxx and other members,  what is still required to make them useable? i still cant use my arm but i still want to try to finish them 

    thanks jonathan for the advice ill use that node to get an even better effect :D

    the textures are in>Textures>nature>old >in here the submaps flower1,2,3...

    did i placed them wrong ?

    • crew

      Your such a trooper yyukinoh1989 , you are a hero asset to this Collab.

      I think they should go in Texture > Nature > FG

      Hope you make a full recovery soon.

    • Thank you adrian, ill move the flowers and somhow will try to finish the flowers so they can be used.

    • yyukinoh1989, I am truly sorry that you couldn't get the full experience of COLLAB2021.  I don't know what your plans are for completing your flowers.  If you do, please make a great scene to showcase your art and let me know of your final render.  I'd love to showcase it in the TSMF Blog.  

      Please get well soon; we are going to need your art in COLLAB2022!  🤕➜😎  

    • splat21 Thank you. Somehow i seems to be doomed , each time when things get better someting else happens xD. still have some way to go but i will do everything i can to finish it off . i hope my teambuddy's or the leaders could tell what still need to happen for me to finish of the models so they can place them in the scene.

      i will let you know for sure once its finished so you could post it in the blog , its a honor to get our works presented :)

    • crew

      Sorry to hear that yyukinoh1989 , hope your arm heals quickly! 

    • Hi jlampel, still trying my best to draw with the left hand. aint easy but after 2 days of work i am happy with the leafs i end up. not sure what all is needed for me to finish but ill try to post a screen soon if i added them in blender.

      if i know what is been expected of the flower people i try to get it done. might take a bit longer but the hardest part is over i think. if i keep this up i might be able to soon write and draw with my left hand xD

  • what do you guys think of these flowers ? 

    gonna add some leafs to it tomorrow and try to present it later on in a diffrent way. 

    If some collors dont look ok or should change let me know :) still can make other types of flowers but not sure how manny diffrent we need.

    • crew

      Those look awesome! I think that should give us plenty of variety. Do they have stems? Some simple stems would help quite a bit, and creating a few bunches so we could easily distribute them around the scene would be perfect. Is this file and the textures uploaded to the Google Drive? 

    • jlampel thanks so much for the feedback sensei. As for the stems and leafs i will add them at least at the end of this week. Should i also make like 3 or more diffrent stems? As for the assembly will you guys put them together trough the field or how does that work?

      Ill upload the file and all textures as soon as everything is included in the file. So its not yet available on google drive 

    • crew

      Great! I think three stems would be a good amount - enough to have them angled in slightly different directions or at different heights. Once they're ready Kent will scatter them throughout the field in the assembly file. 

    • crew

      I love your flowers yyukinoh1989! They will populate the grass beautifully.

      Only problem is I don't see an updated .blend synced to Google Drive! Could you make sure you sync your latest .blend WIP and textures so I can add them to the assembly?

    • theluthier jlampel sorry for the long absent . i added the leafs and stems today and uploaded the file.

      If i forgot someting let me know :)

      edit: i posted it in WIP folder since i am not sure where to put it

  • yyukinoh1989 - Yukinoh, I am pleasantly surprised to see that you have completed the project.  If that is the quality of work from your left hand, then I'd love to see your right hand work!  Your flowers look fantastic.  Very colorful and vibrant.  It will add a nice touch to our Spice Vendor scene.  

    I am posting your last image above as a beauty shot in the TSMF blog.  If you'd prefer a different image, please post it here in your WIP and put me in your comments.  

    Congratulations on completing the project!

    • splat21 thank you so much, got to say that during the time i could no longer use my right arm i learned to work with it , write and draw :) still a diffrence with my other hand but i am happy with the result of my left hand. This is such a fun project so i was happy to be part of it :D
      Congratulations for the blog , you also did an amazing job ;)

      as for the shot this one will do fine. i only added a few leafs and 3 types of stems that could be used so not much more to see :)