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Collab2021 – WIP – tiborbleuel

this will be my homework submission forum thread

  • Homework Submission - Week 1 - Mountain N


    I tried out some different techniques for blocking out Mountains. I hope that is what you wanted for week one ^^ .

    I also made a Low Poly Mountain generator to quickly get base meshes for sculpting :)

    • crew

      Like this mountain generator. As I understand it, we are to try and match the artwork with our models. Will your mountain generator give you a mountain closer to the artwork to save you to much effort in sculpting. I'm not very good at sculpting , but when I have to, I like to have a base mesh as close as possible to the silhouette of the reference and limit my sculpting to the details. Things start looking a bit 'lumpy' if I have to adjust the base shape. Do you have much experience with sculpting? Are you looking forward to the next stage?

    • Thank you for your feedback. I dont have lots of experience with sculpting but for the specific mountain N I will go with a polymodeled base mesh. I created this generator more for fun and maybe we will need som more mountains in the further background who knows :) Im really looking forward to week 2 its going to be a challenge, a good one.  And as Swiss I have to know how to model propper mountains ^^ 

    • This is my current base mesh for mountain N

    • crew

      Ok you live in Switzerland. You know what a mountain looks like then. I live in the UK, I'm modelling the clouds, I know what they look like.

  • crew

    WOW you made a mountain generator tool! I love seeing such resourcefulness from this community. Awesome job ttiborbleuel! You get full points plus some extra for the effort 👏

    And yes, this is all I expected for week 1. Honestly I was envisioning each mountain asset to be a singular peak, but I'm interested to see how a multi-peak mountain could work out. For week 2 if you could sculpt a singular peak and then a multi-peak version if you have the time?

    One small note: I think a circular mountain base will be better than a square base. Those pesky corners are harder to hide ambiguously in such situations.

  • I am on it! :D

  • Ok so quick status report: 

    I found an awesome CC-0  Rock Brush set on Blendswap that lets me sculpt insane amount of detail really quickly.

    But I thought it almost looks to photoreal for the artstyle we try to achieve. So I also started  sculpting the same mountain using the "Stack o Rocks" techniques and trying to get a more stylized mountain. 

    It is not finished yet but I am learning so much it´s awesome!

    So what do you guys think with which technique should I continue?

    theluthier  adrian2301 

    • crew

      You're doing awesome for your first sculpt! Getting used to the tools is a big first step.

      The second 2 examples look the most promising to me. I'd even try blending the methods together: Roughing out the shape first (like the 3rd pic, red mountain) then adding finer texture detail (like the grey mountains).

      I'd like spend some time sculpting a mountain tomorrow during the casual stream. If you watch please remind me!

    • crew

      You got this ttiborbleuel , Full points plus bonus for week 1. Forget the house, I see HERO mountains being made.

  • Homework Submission - Week 2 - Mountain N


    Ok so I sculpted Mountain N with Multi-res mainly using the scrape brush techique and then adding some detail with the rock brushes I found. I hope I got a style that matches the rest of our artwork.

    I then also did the retopology and tried baking the normal map which worked just fine I think. 

    It is a really quick lighting setup nothing professional just to take a screenshot and there is no material yet so for a better impression you should be able to check my WIP file on google drive it should be synced. 

    Currently the baked low-poly mountain is at 391 faces. Is this to much or is it ok?

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me feedback I have alredy learned so much!

    I hope we can work with this :D 

    • crew

      Nice work, wait for Kent's critic to see what he says about poly count.

    • crew

      Wonderful mountain sculpting ttiborbleuel! I think it will look great in the assembly file. My only note is that the LO poly looks a little too lo poly to me. Very straight-edged silhouette which isn't good since the silhouette will be key for mountains shrouded in atmospheric fog.

      Would you mind subdividing one level, shrink-wrapping to the sculpt, and baking maps again?

      I'm very keen to link your mountain into the assembly file. But your current file is missing the Normal texture. Can you make sure to upload your texture(s) to the proper directory within SPICE-VENDORS-HOUSE/TEXTURES?

    • crew

      CORRECTION: I see now that your lo-res is the base level of a multires modifier. So instead you just need to set the viewport and render level to 1 in the multires and bake to that instead of level 0.

      I went ahead and did this to confirm the suggestion and saved as version 3. Looks good!

      Onward to texturing!

  • Homework Submission - Week 3 - Mountain N

    adrian2301 jlampel 

    Hi guys. So I finished painting the maps. Here are the results:

    Color map:

    Cavity map:

    Normal map: My normal map is 1024x1024 instead of 512x512 like the others because a 512x512 normal map just looks way worse. I hope that is not a problem.

    here is how they look when applied:

    I also used a ColorRamp node to get a slight roughness difference between stone and non-stone areas. I kept it at that because I wanted to keep the node setup as simple as possible.  Here is the setup:I hope this fits the final sceen. If there is anything to improve just tell me. it has been a blast working on this mountain! :D

  • Homework Submission - Week 4 - Mountain N

    adrian2301  jlampel 

    Ok so I went over the Textures one more time.  I tried to add the details in the snow that I was talking about by adding a strong sun lamp and working with the shadows generated from the normal map to find spots where there might be no snow. It didnt quite turn out how I imagined but I dont think it is to bad.  just tell what you think :) I also weakened the influence of the cavity map on the grass to get a more vibrant vegetation which more fits the colors from our color palette.  

    Here is the result:

    The textures now are 1k except the color one which is 2k. I still have all the lower and previous maps on my pc so if you prefere one of those I can just swap them. 

  • crew

    ttiborbleuel To close out this WIP thread, here's a screenshot of your mountain in the assembly!

    Thanks for joining the collab! I hope you enjoyed and learned from the experience. It was a pleasure working with you 🤝