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Collab2021 - WIP - danitufi

This is an on-going thread documenting my progress through the 2021 Collab Project

  • Hey mate ! I'm your "co-worker" on the tree :) ! Nice to meet you !

  • Hi, 

    Nice yo meet you!!

    My name is dani,  How do wnat us to split the work?

  • Homework submission - week 2 - Tree A FG


    Leaves progress:

     after that trunk sculpting...

    • crew

      This look sooooo promising! I asked the same thing on the team thread where you posted, but is this a combo of alpha-mapped leaves on top of the ghibli blobs?

      If you could post a breakdown of your model structure that'd be great. Better yet if you could copy + paste your model into the WIP placeholder, that way I and everyone can look at the structure ourselves: /SPICE-VENDORS-HOUSE/SCENES/MODELS/WIP/NATURE/FG/WIP_nature_FG-tree-A_danitufi_00.blend

      To me this is 90% there. Just some small stylistic adjustments and auditing of its performance. Stylistically the main difference I see in the art is the appearance of smaller clusters:

      Smaller clusters and I think you've nailed the look. Kudos on color matching so closely too 👏

      PS: I'm giving you full points for week 2 but indeed I'd love to see the trunk sculpted eventually! :)

    • theluthier 

      Thank you very much Kent!!!

      I have posted my replay on the team thread, I will upload the project as well ASAP.

      I totaly agree with you on the clusterd size and will add some more shadows,

      I wanted to give focus to the leaves, next task is sculpting and stylizing the trunk for sure!!!

    • theluthier 


    • crew

      Thanks danitufi! I'm trying to play around with your tree but I can't figure out how to adjust the leaf material. I see the collection instances but I can't find my way to the source to adjust its material...

      Can you point me to the source for the leaf collection instances?

    • theluthier 

      Hi Kent, In collection: "no render" =>

      the leaf plane is the origan of the leaves collection, you can control his material and adjust the shape of the leaf itself in edit mode. 

    • sculpting - work in progress

    • crew

      Yes yes YES - that sculpt is looking fantastic. Keep up the good work danitufi!

      Also thanks for the advice about your file setup. I'm still confused because I drastically changed the material of the leaf plane.001 object but still don't see a difference:

      I added a bright blue diffuse node to the material yet the leaves remain the same. Also it appears that there's multiple materials applied to the leaf clusters (various shades of red). Hence why the various materials have multiple users but I can't find those users...

    • theluthier 

      Hi, I guess something went wrong in the copy paste proccess and and extra material was added,
      when on "Leaf plane.001" change the material to "material.001".

      and it will be fixed.

    • theluthier 

      P.s the different  shades come all from one material, and controlled by changing the viewport object color

    • theluthier 

      One last thing, the color of the material is highly effected by the light in the scene ( i saw that your light collection was off)

      There are 2 sun lights and some point lights that manipulate the variety within each shade in the color rump.

      I dont know how will it be incorporated in the final scene, but probably some adjustments will be needed.


    • crew

      controlled by changing the viewport object color

      danitufi  Eureka! I should have been able to figure that out 😅 Thanks for clarifying, I get it now - clever work 🤝

  • Homework submission - week 2 - Tree A FG (sculpting)


    • crew

      I LOVE your sculpted tree trunk detail! Exactly the aesthetic I hoped to see for the trees. Very nice work, sir 👏

      I'm going to talk about your tree during the stream tomorrow so catch that live (or recording) for some feedback on the shading!

    • Wow!!

      Thank you so much theluthier

      This project is super exciting for me and I enjoy every moment of the proccess.

      Definitely will be in tomorrow's stream, like every thuesday!!

  • crew

    Amazing work! I also really love that trunk. My only suggestion for going forward would be to have each one of those leaves be a group of textured leaves in that same general shape rather than one giant leaf. In the concept art it looks like each leaf is pretty big, but it only works because the concept art will only be viewed from that exact distance. It also means that you could save on polys by making them basic planes. For this project, try that out and see if it helps. We'll also need these to interact with light, but until you get to the texturing and materials phase, previewing it with an emission is totally fine. Keep up the good work! 

    Edit: Just saw Kent's message about talking about it on the stream. I'll go back and watch that so we're on the same page 

  • Hi jlampel,

    Thanks for all the comments,

    So I tried working on leaf materisl, but beacuse it all based on particle system, texturing each group will give a uniform spread of color thru out tree, and we are looking for more areas of color compering to were the sun hits, thats way I went with ghibli method.

    But if you think there is a different way to approch it, would love ear your thoughts.

    By the way I saw at the stream yestarday kent used diffrent method and came out pretty cool,

    How can color the entire leafy part of the tree in chunks of colors?

  • Homework submission - week 2 - Tree A FG (texture baking)

    jlampel  theluthier ,  still working on the leaves... 

  • theluthier jlampel 

    Hi Kent,

    I really liked what you showed in the demo yesterday,  so I downloaded the file and played a bit with the material you created.
    I incorporated it with the instant collection i have created before, and i think the result came out realy nice,

    tell me what think please...

    (I have uploaded the file to the Drive)

  • crew

    Wow, great work on that trunk and on those leaves! I'm checking out the file now and it looks *gorgeous*. 

    We do still need to refrain from using any emission, since keeping shadows consistent throughout all the assets will be super important. 

    Using some SSS was a great idea. I like it! Turning on Subsurface Translucency in the material helps even more. 

    I would recommend adding some specular back in, since that helps give it shape. 

    Mixing in some translucency like this also helps to make it more painterly:

    Lastly, even though the vertex count is pretty low thanks to instanced collections, the amount of transparent planes makes the compiling take a bit longer than is probably necessary. See if the middle of each clump can be an opaque sphere of leaves and delete all the planes inside of it to help this render faster:

    Keep up the good work!

    Edit: Oh, and I do still think that the scale of the leaves is a bit off. I think the size of the clumps you have is perfect, but in terms of the leaves themselves, something like this would work much better:

    • Thank you Jonathan!!!

      jlampel , will start working on all your comments

    • Hi Jonathan,


      I have tried adjusting the shader according to yours comments:
      I removed the emmision completly, and scaled down the size of the leaf.
      Reagading the clump in the middle, if the geomtry is good cause of the intant collection, would it work if I switched back to a leaf shape ngon instead of using a quad plane with alpha? would it be more efficient?

      I have uploaded the new file

    • Another test with several leaves panited on each plane, 

      80 particles insted of 200

    • danitufi That second render with the 80 particles is looking really nice! I like I like! 🤩

    • crew

      if the geomtry is good cause of the intant collection, would it work if I switched back to a leaf shape ngon instead of using a quad plane with alpha? would it be more efficient?

      Even with instancing, it appears that the render time is much lower overall if all the plants use planes with alpha instead of leaf shaped geometry.  One tree by itself might be faster with geometry, but with the number of plants we're supporting in one scene we need to go with image planes. 

      I agree with Matthew - that second render is looking NICE! The only thing that sticks out to me is that I think the SSS is a bit more extreme with less geometry and is a bit overpowering in that one. I would also enjoy seeing some small branches connecting those leaves so that some aren't floating off in space. A color map to go along with the alpha map would allow you to add those in as well as add some color variation and detail to each leaf without the need to do it procedurally. 

      Top notch work here, and full points for week 3! 

  • crew

    I wanted to reiterate what I said during the stream when I integrated you tree: You did an amazing job! Your tree looks fantastic in the assembly.

    Thanks for joining Collab2021! It's been a pleasure working with you danitufi 🤝