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Learning flow progress not showing?

I'm very new to Blender (to 3d modeling altogether) and I'm really enjoying the CGC courses! I find myself getting distracted and hopping over to another course, starting a lot and finishing few, but the progress overview is helping me to go back and finish things up! (At least a bit. 😅)

But I have noticed I have no progress on learning flows, even though I have started many of the courses and even finished some? This of course doesn't hinder me from just going through the content anyway, but I like the learning flow concept and I find it motivating - especially for actually finishing things, which as I mentioned isn't my strong suit... So it's a little discouraging to be getting nowhere on the learning flows no matter how much of the material I mark as complete?

For example the flow above where I have completed three or four courses (and am partway through several others) and yet have 0% under "your flow progress".

Similarly I have no learning flows in my profile progress section:

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? But I can find no way to actively enroll into a learning flow if that's what's needed?