Colby Weaver (colbybw5)

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Should I use a video reference for the body movements?

I was curious, in the Melvin lip sync, if you used a video reference to get the general body motions as he is talking or if they were done from imagination or something like that. I feel I should shoot my own reference to get the body movements I want since video references really help me out, but also because I'm still pretty new to animating.

  • crew

    Hi Colby.  

    Nope.  For the Melvin  lip sync shot, all the body movements are reacting to the sound I hear and I'm creating this with my imagination.

    In the Baker lip sync shot.  Yes, those movements are animated from reference.

    It's a skill to practice both ways, so here is my advice to you.

    Why not practice this both ways too!

    One submission w/o reference for the body.  

    And then one version with. This will be better if you chose a different audio clip for both of these too.

    Yes I know it's twice the work, but you clearly love learning animation so this is really going to help you!

    I'm here to help you, and I would recommend starting with the reference version first.  

    Go, Colby, Go!