This video doesn't work!

Hello, this video doesn't work!

  • crew

    Hi Easyblend.

    The video seems to be working fine at my end.  Can you explain more about the issue?

    Is it giving you an error message or something like that.

    Some things I can think of trying is to check it in another browser and/or disable any of the browser extensions you have.  Something could be blocking it.
    Let me know how you go.

  • Thank you for your email.

    Some videos seem to work but others don't when I click play, very curious.

    Now I download the videos which I can't play and I shall try other browsers too.

  • crew

    Hi EasyB,

    I hope you find the culprit. It is most likely to be a browser extension.

  • Hello Mr D,

    You are correct.

    This  seems to be a browser issue,

    I use Google Chrome and clearing  the browsing data may help,

    Many thanks.