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Teamwork - Looking for partners


I am relatively new to CGcookie and the jouney, so far, has been a blast, thanks CGcookie :)

Now, I'd like to work on a small 3D project with a group of people with various skillset.

Why ?

If any of you are looking for a job, chances are you will be working with other people and won't be doing everything by yourselves. From a series of interview I'v seen and watched, teamwork is a valuable skill.

Let's have a practical example. Let's say, the project is to create a vertical slice of a video game. Gameplay wise, you'd start by building prototypes as quickly as you can, for this you would need a developper.

In the meantime, a concept art can pitch in and start building a sensible world around the project. 

During this time, we can expect a 3D artist to start building some simple level design with primitives as long as the gameplay is defined

And on and on we continue...

Why am I doing this ? I want to work on the teamwork skill and solve issues when one field (let's say a 3D artist) meet another (like animator) or another (a developper).

Finally, I wrote  this in CGcookie to begin with but are searching for websites that focuses on just that. Ludum dare comes to mind, any other suggestion is welcomed ?

Thanks you for reading so far,