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arm ik bone curve

does anyone know what is going on? whenever i try to pose my character's arm by using the upper arm ik bone, my mesh stretches all over the place. i put auto ik stretch to zero but im not sure what else to try. I've included a photo

  • That control only really should be rotated, Think of it more as a pole, because it does control the humerus and if you don't want to rip the bone out of its  rotator socket then you should just use the hand paddles.  the whole point of ik is to have just one control, like the hands, and then tweaks some poles 

    If you really want the fine control of the Fk just pull up the sidebar,  and pump the ikfk value up to one and use the green widgets to precisely fit your gesture

    I recommend you play around abit more to see what everything does, you can always reset the bone positions