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Back Face Culling

Can a back face culling work on a simple cube? We’re trying to build a room and instead of building different planes into one, we’re using a cube.

Please advise what’s the best option. 

  • *Correction*
    it seems that my backface culling doesn’t work at all. When the cube was created and windows added as a separate object- nothing was happening besides window dissappearing when backface culling is on.

  • Backface culling works. Be aware of the Normals!

    Backface Culling off:

    And the same with Backface Culling:

    • Thank you very much @spikeyxxx. I have tried to do exactly the same but it doesn't seem to work at all. Am I forgetting anything?

    • Right, when you enable the Face Orientation, you will see the Faces that are facing you ('front-facing') in blue and the ones that are facing away from you (meaning you see the backside of those Faces) in red. 

      What I did in my screenshots was turning the default Cube 'inside out'.

      Select all in Edit Mode and press SHIFT+N:

      and then check 'inside' to flip the Normals:

      Now you can see the effect of Backface Culling.

      It's a bit tricky to explain, but I hope this helps.

      Feel free to ask again if it still isn't clear :)