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Blender 2.90: Can surface snapping of extruded bones (CTRL + RMB) be turned off ?

When I extrude a bone in right side view with CTRL + Right Click in Blender 2.90, the bone's tail snaps to the surface of my Piero. Can this behaviour turned off? An extrusion with "E" does no snapping.

The last extruded bone at the top with the model turned only to offer a better look.

  • crew

    Hi Ingmar, That behaviour shouldn't be occurring at all.

    I have tested it and cannot reproduce this (I usually use right click select but I tested it with left click select as well)

    Can you do a screen recording of this as it might need to be submitted as a bug to the devs.

    • waylow I've found out that the bone's tail, when using CTRL + Right Click in Blender's "Right Side View", snaps with my settings to the "Cursor X Position" (the depth from that angle):

      I does NOT depend on the "Pivot Point Setting" (in my example "Cursor").

      Doing the same in "Front View" snap the tail of the extruded bone to the "Cursor Y Position" (the depth from that perspective):

      I've set the "Pivot Point" to "Active Element" for the last two screenshots in order to show that this setting has no influence as one could think when looking at the first two images.

    • I've found it now here in the Blender "2.90 Manual":

      Mouse Clicks



      Edit Mode



      If at least one bone is selected, Ctrl-RMB-clicking adds a new bone.

      About the new bone’s tip:

      After you Ctrl-RMB-clicked it becomes the active element in the armature, it appears to be right where you clicked, but (as in mesh editing) it will be on the plane parallel to the view and passing through the 3D cursor.

      The position of the root and the parenting of the new bone depends on the active element:

      Ctrl-clicking when the active element is a bone.

      If the active element is a bone:

      Ctrl-clicking when the active element is a tip.

      If the active element is a tip:

    • crew

      Did you solve your issue?

      Was it that you were extruding 2 bones at once because you had the head and the tail selected?

    • waylow The "3D Cursor" was at "Global X  0.4728" as can be seen in the "Properties Panel" in the first screenshot. Therefore, in Blender's "Right Side View", extruding a bone with "CTRL + Right Click" placed the "Tail" of the new bone in a plane running through the "3D Cursor" perpendicular to the "View Axis". I falsely assumed that the "Tail" of the new bon in "Right Side View" would copy the "Depth" (that is from this perspective the "X-Position") from the "Tail" of the "Parent Bone" as Blender does with "Vertx Extrusions".