Karen Trevino (ketre)

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Work in Progress Pumpkin Challenge

I saw an image where they put a hat on the pumpkin so here's my attempt. My final Render I did in photoshop.

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  • Wow! Amazing pumpkin, Karen! Love the witch nose ;) Haven't seen a pumpkin carved like that before :)

    I hope your mother is doing well.

    • She has Viral Encephalitus, it attacked her brain. she lost speech and movement in her left side. Once the swelling goes down she may have more movement. She has short periods of able to make sentences then she sleeps for long periods of time.  She is to go to a rehabilition Clinic to see if they can get her up and moving and talking as well. She will be there approx 3 weeks. 

    • Cute pumpkin! Sending good thoughts for your Mom.