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A lot of subdivision points

Hello, I wanted to disturbed the web, with the random  proportional edit mode. But i tend to have a lot of points in the straight lines that are point radial outward. So when i do what you show in you video, these lines become very spike. Can i reduce these points in an easy manner?

  • You could isolate them by selecting the straight lines, then shift-h, then merge by distance. 'M' and select 'merge by distance'. A tooltip appears at the bottom left of the viewport where you can adjust the threshold to reduce the vertices.

  • mm well something different occurs here, when i open a new part, the vertex/face/edge selection with the icons top left is visible, and hitting m just works fine . when i open my spider file, these buttons are gone, and hitting m doesn't do anything...where did i go wrong.. ? thanks in advance again!