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My metal panels on the body disappear on edit mode when I tab into them?

I have an issue with the metal brackets on the front when attempting to add detail. I've managed to remove the backside lock and tabbed into edit mode so I could edit my other metal panels. But as soon as I do they all disappear and I have nothing to edit? I also turn off all of the mirror axes leaving only one object... but as soon as I tab into edit mode... again... gone! Nothing to edit! Any ideas what is happening here?



  • I would expect that they are being created by a modifier and when going into edit mode that modifier is not active so they don't show up.

    You could try saving a new version of the file, apply your modifiers and then try.

  • Thanks for your reply however I have already tried applying the modifiers (so that I can edit the geometry). As soon as I do... it all disappears.  And I just left with an origin point and that's it... no geo at all. :) Gotta laugh :) I think I might have to just try a different wy... but it's late now here so I'll try tomorrow... thanks. 

  • I think I had something similiar once.  I had moved the geometry a long ways away from the origin.  You might try putting the orgin to geometry, and then hitting numpad  "  .  " to go to it

  • ddougieladd :try ALT+H in Edit Mode.

    If you hide something in Edit Mode, it will still be visible in Object Mode. Whether that is a whole Mesh or only part of it.

    This can sometimes really trip you up ;)

  • Let me see if I can upload images....

    One - As you can see I've applied modifiers...

    Two - When I Tab into Edit Mode... Gone!

    Three - no geo anywhere... even when I zoom right out.... even checked Local Mode in case it was that.

    I think if no one is able to spot the issue I'm just going to do this without mirror modifier.