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Transparent bounce in Cycles: bounces counting

There're three transparent bounces with the "Transparency Bounces" maximum number set to 2: The area of the third bounce (after which some rays hit the light emitting world background) is marked with a red arrow in the image below:

Bounces counting in Cycles starts at zero (please see the "Cycles Encyclopedia" by Frederik Steinmetz and Gottfried Hoffmann)

  • crew

    I should recommend that book underneath a few of these lessons. It's a great resource for things like this! 

    • Yes, needed to read these chapters several times in order to get it rigth because you really need to concentrate since the scenarios can get quit complex. And I often have to come back to  "Cycles Encyclopedia"  I'm looking forward to a new edition covering the changes in Cycles. And hopefully there will also be an "EEVEE Encyclopedia"  as well 😉. Things like for example "Multiple Importance Sampling" that appears in the context of lights, emission objects and environment textures is partly still confusing to me.  I need to illustrate things with an image in order to understand what's going on.

    • crew

      You really should give graphics programming a shot if you haven't already. You're already digging into these things far more than most artists care to know, and I think you'd be a natural!