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Problems Moving the Loop cut


When I create a loop cut and I use the move arrow (Gizmo option) instead of moving the edge created scales or contract the cube. With the edge Slide option I could do it but not like you in the video in minute 3:50.

thank you for your support and for the tutorial. It´s so useful and clear.

  • crew

    Hey, I'm glad to hear it's useful! I can't think of when the move gizmo would scale the loop in this situation. Could you post a screenshot of what you mean? My top guesses would be that the transform orientation is off somehow or that you accidentally have edit mode mirroring on in addition to the mirror modifier. 

  • Maybe you also have the Scale function enabled in your Gizmo?

    But then you would also have the cube selected and not just the edge loop...

  • Hello,

    I could resolved the doubt!

    Accidentally I activated the Botton "Proportional Editing". Afer deactivated is working perfectly.

    Thank for the course and your support again.