Cant modify Active strip settings because: "Can't edit this property from an override data-block"


Whenever i want to modify the settings for the Active Strip ( such as change its duration) i cant and when i hover on it i get the message: "Can't edit this property from an override data-block". I also have issues elsewhere even if i do exactly what you do. (for example i am not able to create a new pose library even if i have bones selected in pose mode).

I just need help for my first issue, thanks!

  • crew

    Hi Philippetdev,

    It looks like you are using library overrides for linking - is that the case?

    At the moment, that method is EXTREMELY buggy and it isn't possible to actually animate/change all the things you want to animate.  So it's best to stick with proxies until they actually make it work.

    With the actions, if you want to edit them, make sure they are local to the file rather than linked in.

    Hope that helps.

  • crew

    Yeah, I didn't expect that it wouldn't work - it allowed me to do it before when I tried it for the tutorial, but I just tried it again in 2.83 and it also blocks adding a pose library. However, it will let you do it in the upcoming version 2.9. I'm glad to see things things are getting tackled. 

    For the purposes of this course, so you don't have to redo anything, you can head to the Object properties and click the link icon to make it local: 

    • Anyways i re did everything, and finished but I've got a new question, when i export the animations for the rifle, is there any way to export the local position of the ammo clip (local to the gun's root bone). Because as of now, when i parent the gun to the hand in unity, when i play the reload animation of the gun simultaneously to the reload animation of the arms (so the ammo clip moves), the movement is applied to the arms (which applies it to the gun since it is its parent) and then applied again to the gun, so as a result, the gun is flying above the hands. Here are screenshots that i took when the animations were playing:

      In animations where the gun doesn't have any animations and only the arms are animated, as you can see, everything works fine.

    • crew

      If you parent the gun to the character's root in Unity instead of to the hand, the animations will sync up. I believe there is also a way to ignore the gun's root bone animation, but I can't recall how to do that one.