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Using the "Smoothing tool"too align vertices by smooting them

In your videos and many others on CgCookie you keep using a feature that you call smooth. Now is that available in Blender 2.83? Becasue it seems really handy but I cannot find it anywhere.

  • In Edit Mode ¬†call the 'Specials' menu with W (when using selecting with RMB) or by right clicking besides the mesh (when selecting with LMB) and choose Smooth Vertices:

    You can also find this under Vertex > Smooth Vertices and with CTRL+V.

    Notice that there is also a Smooth Laplacian, which will also smooth the vertices, but tries to keep the shape of your object.

    • Thank you so much Spikey! I have been trying too find this for so long, you are a saviour of the confundled beginner.

      Warmest regards


    • Yeah, sometimes the developers just change the name of something, usually because it's clearer/ more consistent, but that can be really confusing to new users.