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to submit my video

I'm new to all of this and was wondering if I need a youtube channel or something to submit my work. I don't have or want one so is there to submit without one? If so could you tell me what to do? Also, can you pretend that I'm completely clueless? Thanks.

  • crew

    Hi Kmatt84,

    Yes.  To upload any video submissions you will need to use one of the many online video sharing platforms.  Like Youtube or Vimeo.

    Then when you post your submission here on CGC, you actually just grab the html link.  All the computers do the rest of the magic of looking for the video at that address and then creating a video player to view it.

    If you don't want the world to see your video make sure you make it "unlisted" so people can't see find it without the link.  However, make sure you do not make a video private otherwise the CGC site will not be able to link to it.

    So just to recap:

    Pick a video hosting service (Vimeo or Youtube)

    Upload your video there (Unlisted is OK - Private is not)

    And then post the html link in your submission here on CGC

    I Hope that helps.

    • Explanation with a short recap. Love it!

    • Would there be a way to upload directly to a video sharing platform without saving the rendered animation?

      Like after it's done rendering it's sent automatically to what platform was chosen.

    • crew

      HI Jason,  the animation needs to be saved regardless of what happens to it after that.  (It can't live in the memory of the computer)

      Uploading directly from Blender might be possible after that by writing a tool that connects the Blender API to the Video Sharing Platform's API, and coding how it should be handled etc.

      To my knowledge, such a tool does not exist.