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General Game Dev Question: Why Unity and not Unreal Engine?

Hi, I'm new to CGCookie and I was wondering. Why is game development done with Unity and not Unreal Engine. I saw a tutorial with Unity and Bolt but you still have to pay for the Bolt addon, don't you? Blueprints is the equivalent to Bolt in Unreal and it is free. Just a general question, I want to tackle game dev eventually and both engines do look good.

  • I believe you will get varying opinoins. Both engines are fine to develop for. Unity was probably chosen because there is already Unity content on some of the learning flows.

    Unreal would do just fine as well. There are some courses here that cover Unreal as well. Do a search for Unreal and there is some content. I am a unity guy as well but mainly because I came across it first. And yes bolt is a paid add-on. I got it before Unity bought them. Super cool tool.

  • Ah, I didn't know that there was unreal content here. I have been interested in creating a game with unreal but not sure were to start. I want to see how to do a sort of simulation game and I have been looking up blueprints. I like how they blueprints work.