Yousef Al Haeri (bozurk)

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Why not use subdivision surface modifier on this weapon?

Hello Jonathan,

I'm an Intermediate blender user, I have a good/solid understanding of the basics, And I modeled a few weapons, but I've always used the sub-d workflow. Is there any particular reason you went with the non-sub-d workflow? and just added bevels to the gun? I like this workflow a lot but it seems to me that sub-division surface modifier gives better detail. Unless this was meant to make things better to convert it into a low poly game asset

So why you didn't use the subdivision surface modifier?

Thanks in advance!

- Yousef

  • crew

    Hey Yousef, you guessed it in the last line! It's so that it can be easily converted into a low poly game asset. If we were to use subdiv for this hard surface object, it would be more difficult to bake because curved parts of the mesh would no longer line up exactly and you'd likely get a glitchy looking normal map. It would be way more work to fix that on top of adding creases / supporting edge loops than to use the bevel method and not have to worry about that.