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Adding the circle

I'm doing exactly as you do on your lesson when adding the circle, yet it's mirrored and tilted in the wrong direction. I understand that the mirroring is causing this issue, but how come this didn't happen to you when you added the circle? the only thing i can do to just get one circle is to add it by itself.

  • Hi champion, at 13:05 Kent shows how to Align the added Circle to View. But you'll have to make sure that you are in Front Orthographic View when you do that!

    • thank you for the response! I made sure I was in this viewmode and when I add the circle there are two instead of one.

    • There are two circles because of the Mirror Modifier as you already ¬†understood.

      It can be rather confusing; can you show us a screenshot of what is happening?

    • Is it possible that you have a mirror modifier active on the object when you add the circle in edit mode? If the circle is added it will get mirrored across.

      Lot's of ways to fix this., if this is the case. a screen shot or blend file shared link from Dropbox is always helpful to know what the exact issue is.