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What's the reason for this?

Hey everyone, I've got another question.  I've followed the tutorial closely several times now, and have followed along every step (to my knowledge, seems I missed a few things), and have finally made a render.  But it's not quite 'finished' to my taste, anyway.  Here are some photos for reference: 

I want the chest to look like this in the final render.

However, it always looks like the following: 

I'm not displeased with it; I think it's a good execution of the tutorial, except for two things, besides the aforementioned stuff.

The wood will NOT reflect the chest no matter what I do.  I've tried changing the values on the color ramp from their default 0 a 1 between .1 and .9, dragging them around, and nothing happens.  Seems the shadow cast from the light is missing, too.  The second thing is the bloom - turned it on and off and there was no change in light.  Turned every setting all the way to max and saw no difference.  Is there a setting I'm missing or something?  I really want to be done with this so I can continue learning with other projects.  

Drive and save for reference: 

Here you go!

Thanks to everyone.

  • Good work Joe!

    First, you forgot to connect the output of the Color Balance Node to the Composite node:

    The wood doesn't reflect the chest, because you feed a very dark map into the Specular input of the Principled Shader.

    The Specular Value depends on the IOR of the material and for a lot of materials that is an IOR of 1.45 and a Specular of 0.5.

    You can of course change that value and even feed in a greyscale image, but know that that is not realistic.

    So I removed that connection and brought back some Roughness and also reduced the Bump a bit.

    I reduced the Treshold of the Bloom, because the higher you set that, the brighter a pixel needs to be to get some bloom effect and this is the result I got with those tweaks:

    Play around a bit with your settings, but overall a great result!

    I'd say you learned a lot from this course;)

  • crew

    Spikey is exactly right about the fixes and the fact that you've done a great job executing the tutorial result!