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Animation Bootcamp (and above) Critiques

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I haven't stopped or forgotten about reviewing everyone's animation bootcamp (and other) submissions.  Since COVID there has been quite a lot more exercise submissions than usual.

I usually log on everyday and review them all (sometimes I have a break on the weekends!) but currently there's so many that I've had to set a cap on the time I spend on this everyday.  This will allow me to actually continue producing more content for you all to consume.  Num num num.

So I might be a little slower than usual to get to your submission.  But fear not, I will get to it.

Also if you have a submission that is stuck in the system, Don't worry!  I try to manually go through the backend of the system on a regular basis to clear out all the submissions that didn't get enough votes to pass or fail before falling off the front page.  So I'll get to those too. 

But if your exercise has been sitting in limbo for a long time - feel free to mention it here and I will look into it at my earliest convenience.

Anyway friends you are awesome.  

Happy animating!

  • CGCookie's tutorials are one of the many things in my life that make me forget that there's a pandemic at all. I've been sitting comfortably in my home, binge watching the tutorials. Of course the binging itself isn't a blissful adventure. Day to day I pull on my hair that's been melting on the sides of my head because of how thick they've gotten from not being able to get a haircut due to quarantine, out of stress over not getting certain parts of tutorials. I've only started the Animation Bootcamp last week, I've been trying to keep my central as a modeler but my ambition requires me to study up on animation. Which is to be able to create NPR animations with Blender as I believe NPR is the next and will remain to be the next big thing in the industry.

    Defying an advice given by so many artists "Find an area where you can specialize in and focus on that." This naturally produces self-doubt whether I'm doing the right thing or if I'm shooting myself in the foot. It also hasn't been easy for someone with ADHD to cram knowledge into my brain, even about things I love the most. My point is, CGCookie helps me with my journey as an artist, and though I doubt talking about myself would be in anyway helpful, I write this to let the crew know that I appriciate you :)

  • I feel the same way about these tutorials and I'm also jumping from modeling to sculpting to game design. It's funny how sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who can't focus and keeps binging anyways. I honestly feel like this was like an oasis in the desert. The only way I think it can get better is if it somehow had some sort of personal coaching or one on one session. I think that would help me learn so much faster as there is no one in person I could look to for support in this.

  • waylow   should i re-submit the exercise with the changes? or just move on to the other exercises in the bootcamp?

    • crew

      That's always a good idea (more practice the better) but at the end of the day it's up to you, Tishard.

      But there does comes a point where you can just learn from the notes and move onto the next one.

      If you are going to resubmit, I would also suggest creating a new submission.  You will get the extra points for you extra work, but mainly it is 400% easier for me to find the new ones than rechecking the old ones.  (the system isn't robust in that way)

      Happy animating!

  • I would like to know wayne thoughts on this its a program called cascadeur

    • crew

      Hi sickelo.

      That looks pretty interesting,  I think it would be more useful for certain types of animations than others. Maybe realistic game animations rather than character animation.

      Either way it looks like it might be a useful tool in a suite of tools for some studios/artists.

      Thanks for pointing it out :)

  • I haven't started the bootcamp yet but I have some questions. If you have multiple "sets" for a longer animation, do you just build one set, animate, then move that to the side and build another one in the same file or do you make the characters in one file and link them to separate "set" files.  Say I have a short film that has 4 different set ups, how do you go about putting that all together?  waylow 

  • crew

    Hey Kat,

    So the bootcamp is just about the art of animation (making things move in a believable way).  But there is some advice on that in the next animation course (workflow and body mechanics)

    But to answer your question, you would break it all into seperate files.

    The Characters and sets would live in seperate files, and you would create a new file for each shot and link everything into that shot.

    That way any changes you make are propagated to all the files and you don't have to repeat the same fix over and over.

    You can start with one layout animation file, where all the shots in the same "set" are blocked out.

    Then use that as a template to set up the real animation files.  Creating the layout first will help you solve a lot of the problems at the basic level before things get too complicated.

    Hope that helps.

    • Got it, thanks for the reply and yes, that did help a lot. Another site is having a fun animation contest that ends Sept 30th and I have an idea but I just wanted to make sure I didn't start out the wrong way and regret it later :) Thanks!

  • the rivet jump is pretty hard  :D

    • crew

      I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before Tish, but animation is HARD!!!!  haha

      Just aim for the level above where you're at now and you'll get better and better.

      I'm here to help, so keep up all the hard work!