Alt+S scaling question.

After Alt+S scaling, I can't get the bottom to look like in the video at 12:55. It seems that the extruded faces are scaling not as intended. What am I doing wrong?

  • You didn't make and separate (with Y) the planks.

    Now you are Extruding and Scaling a 'box' and this is the behavior you'd expect.

    When you first separate the sides, you'd have (in your case) 5 individual faces that would scale like in the video.

    I'd highly recommend watching

    • Thank you! I fast-forwarded through the video and missed the part (starts at 11:30) where Kent clearly explains how to separate all the planks :)

  • I had the same problem. No matter what I did, the faces extruded down and in at a 45 degree angle. Finally went old school. With the entire mesh selected, hit Alt and then E to bring up the Extrude Menu. Select Extrude Along Noramls and then move mouse to extrude faces in the appropriate direction. Tried to post this as a question but the site wouldn't let me. The chest on the right uses Alt + S. The chest on the left uses Alt + E, Extrude Along Normals.