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i didnt leave pivot point in the same spot

is there a shortcut to put the pivot point directly in the middle of the two hinges. I put my pivot point in the middle of the world origin and i forgot how to move it. if i did move it i wouldn't know how to get it in the exact right spot

  • Hi patdoc, select the two hinges and then: SHIFT+S > Cursor to Selected.

    • the whole lid is one object so i wont be able to select two hinges individually. hitting shift s  then cursor to selected wont change the pivot point which is what i am trying to do

    • You can select the hinges in Edit Mode, place your Cursor there, like above and then in Object Mode  go to Object > Set Origin > Origin to 3D Cursor.

      (You said Pivot Point and the 3D Cursor can be the Pivot Point, but you probably meant the Origin...)