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Confusion at the end of video.

So i had to use Shift Y, Y, and 0 instead of Z... Any ideas why? All my handle orientations look the same as yours so I'm confused.

  • when you double the axis letter you are changing to local space... 

    so it would be my first guess to check if there is an unapplied rotation...

    on the upper set y is up on the lower set z is up...

  • crew

    Hi jcearnal,

    There's always a couple ways of doing the same/similar thing.

    Basically, all I am doing in this step is snapping the controls to the cursor using scaling but not affecting the vertical scale.

    I am scaling to 0 on the global x and y axes and ignoring the Z.

    Here's what I think you did and why it worked.

    You scaled to 0 on the global Y axis only (which ignores the X and Z). 

    This will work fine if the X position of the bones were at the correct position (x = 0) before the move. If they were in the wrong place in the front view, you would also need to Scale to 0 on the X axis only to snap them to the middle.

    So the way that I did it just combines those 2 steps into the one.

    I hope that makes sense.