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Multiball rig axis wrong (2.8)


I'm getting unexpected behaviour when linking the MultiBall rig.

I downloaded the 2.8 blend file.

steps I've taken:

1. create new blend file

2. link MultiBall_2.80.blend/Collection/MultiBall

3. create proxy -> MultiBall_rig

4. run script

5. select pose mode, select root and move the root on the z-axis

In the property window the location is now changed for Y and not Z.

Of course I can do the animation on Y, butI don't understand whats going on.

I've checked transform orientation, global, local etc.

Also when moving on Z (which as explained gives a change in Y) the X value changes to 0.000001 m

This clashes with my OCD :-)

Hope someone can enlighten me.


  • crew

    Hi onecybercamel.

    Can you post a video of what you mean?  It will be easier to figure out.

  • Please have a look at this.

    What I also saw is that when checking the move tool settings its set to global.

    When setting this to local I see that the transform gizmo shows the Y axis pointing down. 

    So somewhere it is rotated right?

  • crew

    Hi Camel, 

    The channels show in local space. So you are correct, the local y axis of the bone is pointing down (global Z)

    This is something I should have changed when I did the MultiBall update but it's not a big issue.  It's always nicer when the controls match the world space but it's not always possible or practical.

    When you animate you will find that controls rarely match the world space (especially if the parent is animated).

    As for the X changing to 0.000000001, this is an issue with the precision of Blender.  That totally annoys me too.  I will speak to the devs and see if anything can be done about it.

    I hope your OCD can handle it.

  • ok, thanks for looking into it.