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How can materials break when we join objects?

At 3:10 in the video, Wayne aid that "...all the UVs are actually at list."  What does "at list" mean?

If possible, could you give an example of how materials would break when we join objects, and the common pitfalls to avoid?

  • crew

    Hi d5273, 

    I say "Atlased" not 'at list'.  It's my Australian accent.

    Kent shows the material creation in the modelling portion on the sister course.

    As for breaking materials when you join meshes, it can screw up the UVs.  However, when Kent created the materials and textures, all the parts are using the same texture with the UVs atlased to the correct portions of that texture.

    Some other issues to check when/if joining would be any vert groups.  If materials are assigned to specific vertices, you will need make sure it all still looks the same after joining.

    Of course, you don't need to join them, but I prefer to work with as little mesh objects as possible.

    Hope that helped to clarify things.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Apologies for having misheard you. I now understand, as I also watched the sister course.

      Working with as little mesh object as possible while animating is certainly key.

      Thank you!