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Rotation Axis wrong


i tried to model the cannon myself. Worked pretty good but i have the Problem, that if i Import my Mesh and want to rotate it. The Y and X Axis are swaped compared to your Cannon Modell.

Can u give me an explanation or recommend a course to see what i did wrong?

  • another Problem that i have is, if i dont fill the Transform Turret Base in Unity with an Object.

    The "Void BarrelRotation" does not seem to be called. Only if i fill both with an Object, it works.

    how can i solve this?

  • I have the same issue when importing, even if I rotate it on the x axis to fix it, starting up the game will prop it right back on the incorrect angle even if I add it as a child to an empty and rotate that. So strange. Be weary of the axis that is labeled up when you export 3d models from blender or other 3d software.

    The best solution is not to import the unity package model itself but to open the turret scene provided and move the Turret to the Project area and then import it to your other scene by clicking and dragging it to the Hierarchy.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Hope this helps!