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Issues selecting bones

Hello! I was looking forward to this tutorial, but I've gotten stuck with some issues and can't seem to solve them myself.

I'm having touble selecting bones after I change the display type to B-bone, it's like they're not selectable anymore, but the outliner tab shows they are.

I can select the top and bottom parts of the bone, but I can't select the body (with neither box selection nor left-click), which means that when I'm on B-bone mode, I can't select anything at all, as I can't see the top and bottom handles. 

Selecting the bones on the outliner doesn't seem to help either, since when I change from Edit to Pose mode I lose my selection.

I saw a couple of people online who came across similar problems and said it may be a bug, but I wanted to check to see if maybe I was just doing something wrong when selecting them and there was a way to fix it.

Here's my file in case that helps: